Sunday, July 3, 2011

Old Thai movie with Classic Thai star

This is an old Thai movie in early 90's . The main character is "saiFa" He was very famous at that time.His face is so cite and adorable. BTW, this movie is about a group of boy scout went to jungle and explore wilderness then strip to underwear. 

They are swimming and the main actor need to pee so he got up.

His friend also want the same thing

one of his frined told him , just do in the river but he said it's not good for environment so cute........

Look at that cute blue tight brief. It's so wet so make it more tighter

His fried teased him

then the wind blowed so hard. they cannot even stand straight

Suddenly, the monkey came and grabbed their shirt

They found and began to dress

For some reason, he needed to scratch his bulge

Monday, June 6, 2011

Too Many Way to be no.1 : HK Male star in tight white brief

For those who watches HK drama regularly. You can notice all this famous guys .but you never know how hot they are until they take their cloth off and leave it only underwear. It is rare that they show their skin but I tracked in the past and found this incredible movie.

The story is about a gang in HongKong . Violence, crime and women are the usual stuff for them - including get naked when enter the bath house!!!  This movie gather all hot male stars

He is the main actor and for some reasons, he is the one who show his body more than anyone

he is having sex but don't know why it look bored

His hot friends cannot wait any longer

 After he is done, he let his friend in

 They come

 The women is dead so they begin to fight

Then he walked out and show his goodies

The next scence , he pass out and woke up in the bath room - revealing his big bulge

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pulupot (2010)

The road to happiness is never straight*** Pulupot is a story of Eva ( Justin Ferrer of TV's Survivor Philippines) a hardworking transsexual entrepreneur who waits for the love of her life, Edgardo (Gio Gapas) to fall for her, while his life is currently enmeshed with complicated relationships with a possessive gay man Kiko ( Justin De Leon of Lalake Sa Parola), a pragmatic sex worker (Echo Caceres of Survivor Philippines) and his OFW girlfriend (Joyce Acorda) This story is an upbeat testament to the simple truth that love is a choice. And sometimes the most inconvenient choice is the key to one's happiness. No English subtitles

Pipo-Ang Batang Pro (2009

A young man trying to help his mother climb out of debt falls into the world of prostitution. A veteran hustler takes him under his wing and helps him find work. But it isn't long before he runs into a job that he isn't willing to do, and he's made to face just how far he's willing to go to survive.


Ernan, a writer, seeks reprieve to draw inspiration for the book he is writing. He sets off to visit his Uncle Dato in his farm. There, he meets his Uncle Dado's second wife, Salome, who is young and attractive. At first, Ernan tried to resist Salome's advances but later gave in to Salome's bait. Eventually, Dado discovered the relationship and with the aid of his helper, Igno, planned how he can seek revenge. Unknown to Dado, it was not just him who wanted to get even and Salome was far from the girl he knew...


I have no idea about the movie  but the men are hot !! I like those tight brief.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Really like you - very handsome korea star

Really like you is a korean drama that the main story is about body guard in blue house who help the girl find her real dad . She think korea president is her dad. Anyway the main actor does not reveal much skin but his friend body guard does . He is so hand some and very fit

This scene starts with two aunty walk to body guard swimming pool

They saw many guys and it's so hard for them to cover their feeling

i totally understand , how can someone stand this body

then they turn another way and saw my favorite actor

No description  here

They are shock!!

To get guy attention, one of them drop towel

he picked it up

Then smile back

The cap is not clear but video quality is superb,

Hope you enjoy